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Incontinence Premiere New Lyric Video ‘Inner Psychopath’ With Slam Worldwide!

Featuring members of Skinless, Held Under, Armor Column, Dry Heave and Burial to name a few, and having recently announced their debut record, New York death metallers Incontinence today join forces with Slam Worldwide to unleash a new song and lyric video, 'Inner Psychopath'! Watch 'Inner Psychopath' Here! "The song is about a guy a lot of people know," begins vocalist and guitarist David Seacord, "and that is a guy who believes in crackpot conspiracy theories to the point that he believes that the forces of the so-called new world order are going to come for him someday. He's believed this for a long time, but these mysterious forces haven't come for him yet, so he is practically begging someone, anyone, to break into his house just so he can have an excuse to kill someone without impunity."

Taken from the forthcoming album Prey For Us, scheduled for release on May 15th 2017 via Ultimate Massacre Productions, this is the second second single and follows the recent stream of 'Cryptofascist'.

Listen To 'Cryptofascist' Here! "The biggest underlying theme of the album is the theme of being under control, losing control and misery in lower-to-middle-class America", comments the band. "For example, 'Capitalist Martyr' deals with a lower-level employee of a large corporation being shamed and forced into working longer hours. 'Phantom Heart,' 'The Outrage Machine' and 'Inner Psychopath (Believe the Lie)' all tie into the theme of being under control, being manipulated and losing one's mind. Elsewhere, 'Escape to the Slaughter' is a song loosely about a real-life event in which a herd of bison escaped from a Buffalo meat farm just south of the Capital Region. They eventually got cornered and slaughtered by marksmen. This was written from the perspective of the bison herd. 'Cryptofascist' is without question about the rise of Trumpism/nationalism in the USA, but you could also apply it to other parts of the globe, as nationalism has seemingly become trendy. The song was written in the middle of the ridiculous US presidential campaign, prior to the election, and was never meant to be a prophecy. Several of the songs on the album were written structurally in the vein of what Chuck Shuldinder did on the last four Death albums as well as on the Control Denied album. Death was a big time influence on Prey For Us." Pre-Order Prey For Us Here: Physical Digital Follow Incontinence Facebook Bandcamp Follow Ultimate Massacre Productions Facebook - END - For all press enquiries please contact

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