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The band started off at the beginning of the year 2000 in the South of Portugal. In April that same year, the first demo tape, "Dislimbed And Stuffed With Maggots," was recorded. In 2002, Fungus recorded a demo CD, "Through Flesh Slides The Blade,” and in 2009 they released an MCD entitled "Extermination Dantesque." The band extensively played live during this period.


Throughout the years, the band has had several line-up changes and started to have members in several European countries. Presently, the band consists of Filipe (vocals), Bob (guitars), Ângelo (guitars), Alex (bass) and Artur (drums). With this steady line-up, the band recorded its debut album “Predatory Harvest,” released by Ultimate Massacre Productions in 2015. “Predatory Harvest" had excellent reviews and was widely mentioned in death metal album 'top of 2015' lists.


Currently, Fungus is working on new material for its second full-length album.


Artur ­ - Drums

Bob - ­ Guitars

Ângelo - ­ Guitars

Alex - Bass

Filipe - ­ Vocals


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