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Imperium plays a high speed brand of brutal technical death metal. With frenetic riffage, and a high energy display of guttural vocals and screams, Imperium are stepping up to a new level on their second, full length release ‘ Titanomachy’. With the bands signature ‘middle eastern’ flavour now cemented into their sound, the chance to let the flurry of unrelenting blast beats and virtuoso guitar leads shine has come.

Now with a full line-up cemented, Imperium is heading back to the studio for album number 3! Mike Alexander (guitar), and Doug Anderson (vocals) have now been joined by ex Bloodshot Dawn members Anthony Ridout (bass) and Janne Jaloma (drums). With such a prominent rhythm section in the band's arsenal, the next release from Imperium is sure to hit harder than ever before!

After the success of 'Titanomachy,' Imperium and Ultimate Massacre have decided to team up and release their first full-length album 'Sacramentum.' Now on CD for the first time ever February 7, 2017,  preorder it now!



Mike Alexander - Guitars, Production

Doug Anderson - Vocals

Janne Jaloma - Drums

Anthony Ridout - Bass