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After almost 6 years of wait, Chordotomy are back to crush with their new, highly anticipated album, Subjugated Into Obedience.

Michael Pementel

CHORDOTOMY 'Subjugated Into Obedience' 2018

APOPHYS 'Devoratis' 2018

The music found on 'Devoratis' calls to mind a blend of influences indebted to Origin, Soreption, Nile, and Hate Eternal. The end result is quite satisfying, heavy as all fuck, powerfully vitriolic, and hits a perfect mix of earth-shaking grooves and fast tempo led swarms of death.

Austin Weber

With Devoratis, it is clear that APOPHYS have struck gold for a second straight time, and this is an album that should get tons of praise. Because that praise is well-deserved. It’s only February, but these guys are very much in contention for Death Metal Album of the Year in 2018.


NATRIUM 'Vertigo of Abjection' 2017

...I was feeling some heavy influence from Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse, almost a median between Pierced from Within and Gore Obsessed, with a lot of faster barrages reminiscent of the heavier Floridian hitters, and an exercise in technicality that never sounds like it's simply being flashy or overly indulgent, just a group of guys that know how to play, know how to play hard, and will show you their chops when the writing warrants it.


On Vertigo Of Abjection, Natrium display the ability of how to constantly remain crushing, while still having a level of flexible chemistry in structure.

-Michael Pementel

Every track is a gift for death metal ears and the band also has something to say in the lyrical department. How are we doing in these dark days of Trumpism, nationalism and growing inequality because of global capitalism? Metal with a message and my message to you is simple. Just get this album!


I am overall compelled to say that INCONTINENCE delivered one of the most stunning Death Metal relics of the year - all enthusiasts of the genre must give this a listen.

-Craig Rider

INCONTINENCE 'Prey For Us' 2017

This mad whirlwind of power and music takes the listener for a loop; it takes a hold of the listener and rattles them all throughout their listening experience, but it’s such beautiful torture that this band unfolds before the listener, and is definitely a must have for any lover of shredding, brutality and both death metal and deathcore alike.


IMPERIUM 'Sacramentum' 2017

It’s regal, royal and combative death metal mastery of the highest order; I am definitely taking notice and you should too. If you like Sarpanitum, The Monolith Deathcult, Chaos Inception, Nile or Behemoth, give these berserkers a chance.

-Trevor Strnad, The Obituarist

An eruption of ideas awaits the brave, Titanomachy revelling in its turbulent rhythms and palpable drama with Mike Alexander's riffs running the gamut of death metal influences and the accomplished growls of Doug Anderson (Unfathomable Ruination) culminating in a coherent, seamless work of genius that the God's themselves would bow down to!

-Chris Jennings

IMPERIUM 'Titanomachy' 2016

"A lot of stop/start blast-work here which supports tremolo picked patterns and evil bass lines that themselves occasionally remind me of note patterns from bands like Death back when they were fresh and creepy, but you wouldn't know it from the speed and volatility. Powder keg beats with the fuse about to be lit slathered with choppy clinical mute picking sequences redolent of anything from modern Pestilence to Cannibal Corpse."


FUNGUS 'Predatory Harvest' 2015

"Blazing, eerie tremolo picked guitars adorned with charging, simpler drum lines which can very easily apply the more intense techniques of blasting and ceaseless double-bass when appropriate. Add to that a lot of nice, throwback lead sequences which thrill and terrify the senses like a freshly-opened tomb, and an enormously fat bottom-feeder bass tone, and you've got a pretty wild ride for anyone who remembers that 80s-90s transition of the genre, or really, anyone who wished they did."


HYPOXIA 'Despondent Death' 2015

"[_]'Wormhole Prototype' is a must listen if you are into slam. The EP is a perfect blend in of brutality and destruction and it ensures the delivery of slam death to terrorize you with insane vocals and super hammering riffs accompanied by insane drumming with a heavy bass line."

HUMAN DECOMPOSITION 'Wormhole Prototype' 2015

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