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Natrium Unveil 'Vertigo Of Abjection' Details And Stream New Song!

Italian death metal butchers Natrium proudly reveal details for their upcoming 3rd full-length album, entitled Vertigo of Abjection, scheduled for release on July 17th, 2017 via Ultimate Massacre Productions. Today the band has unleashed the first taste of Vertigo of Abjection with a new song entitled 'Ingrained Heteronomy' via SoundCloud.

Stream 'Ingrained Heteronomy' here!:

Natrium created a devastating record intent on exposing the filth of humanity and the wretched system we live in. The 8 song album was mixed and mastered by Marco Mastrobuono (Hour of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Buffalo Grillz among others) at Kick Recording Studio. The cover artwork was created by legendary artist Daemorph (The Black Dahlia Murder, Disentomb, Avulsed).

The band comments, "Vertigo of Abjection is the result of a long writing process and experimentation. We have taken all the time necessary to write and arrange our most inspired material, without hurry, focusing more on composition and song structure without the obsession of being technical and fast at every cost. We are very proud of all the eight songs, we wouldn't change a single note and there is everything Death Metal fans like us will like. Marco ‘Cinghio’ Mastrobuono did a great job mixing and mastering it, he nailed our idea of finding a balance between sounding modern and old school at the same time.”

“The depiction of the climbing in the artwork, made by the almighty Daemorph, is a metaphor of the infinite struggle for existence, the reaching peaks of vainglory and abjection, through exploitation and human commodification, that is the concept on which the lyrics of the eight songs are based. Thanks to Sergey, Mallika and all the stuff of Ultimate Massacre Productions that believed in us and are doing an amazing job promoting the album release. We are stoked to play Vertigo of Abjection live, so stay tuned for tour dates soon."

Natrium was founded in Sardinia, Italy in 2001 and is influenced by bands such as Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, and Deeds of Flesh. After a lineup change in 2007, the band continued to progress with faster and heavier music. They have built a strong name for themselves in the underground metal scene while making numerous shows and festival appearances around Europe and the UK.

Natrium are Lorenzo Orrú on vocals, Andrea De Muro on guitar, Edoardo De Muro on drums, and Andrea Pillitu on bass guitar. The band can be characterized by harsh strident growls, Corpsegrinder-like screams, unexpected transitions, technical drums fills, and unnerving melodies. It is technical brutal death metal at its finest, for fans of Deeds of Flesh, Cryptopsy, and Psycroptic.

Track Listing for Vertigo of Abjection

1. Vertigo of Abjection 2. Drowning in Inertness 3. Ingrained Heteronomy 4. Iterative 5. Synthetic Whimpers 6. Inhuman Commodification 7. Mechanical Ouroboros 8. Phosphine Embrace Natrium Online: Facebook Twitter YouTube

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