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APOPHYS 'Devoratis' releases today!

Dutch death metal bruisers Apophys have been making waves since their surfacing in 2012, slowly carving their path in the modern death metal scene. Featuring members from God Dethroned and Toxocara this is a band with experience and a clear vision and approach to their writing, song structure above technicality. Their debut album was testament to that and seen the band tour internationally with acts such as Vader, Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Cattle Decapitation and many others as well as several festival appearances including Eindhoven Metal Meeting and Deathfeast Open Air among others. Building on their growing reputation 2017 has seen Apophys complete their second full length, a sci-fi epic entitled Devoratis, set for release January 22nd via Ultimate Massacre Productions. The album is based on a science fiction story written by vocalist Kevin Quilligan. “We wanted to do a concept album but we couldn’t find a fitting concept,” Quilligan shares. “So we decided to write it ourselves. Together with all the members we fashioned our own tale to tell which has given a whole new meaning to our music.” "The story of an unlikely union of two forces against an intergalactic race led by a zealous leader known as Consul… It all starts with an Operator called Zohm, an engineer with remarkable skills. His task is to demolish planets, entire galaxies of them, to cast out all the elements within. “To make sure the Universe keeps developing as it should.” At least, that’s what his superiors told him. Zohn could care less for the ideology and secret plans of his superiors. It was the technology behind the devices used that he was most interested in. As long as he could keep working on those, he would believe whatever Consul came up with. One day, a day like any other, everything went wrong. A device failed to go off, a device operated by Zohm. He didn’t know why, there was nothing out of the ordinary. He knew he did everything right. He also knew he would be the one held accountable (which meant a trial before Consul and his peers). Everything went so fast that he could hardly remember it all, but he did remember the verdict: You must return to right your wrong To find a way Cast down into solitude An exile from this day Ultimately you will meet your end When your task is complete Eternally alone you will stay And now we will proceed. Zohm was exiled to the planet he was supposed to destroy. To fix the device and let it carry out its task. This wasn’t just exile; this was a death sentence. While trying to find out what went wrong he comes across a creature called Xiux. Xiux is an ancient being unlike anything else, more a consciousness then an organism. He is the planet and the planet is him. He stopped the device, to some personal damage. Zohm, unaware of the vastness that is Xiux, tried to trap him. The two collide and instead of taking each other down they merge. The resourceful engineer and the living planet form an entity of unparalleled power. Consul, outraged at the news that Zohm has not fulfilled his sentence, sends the entire fleet back to show everyone that disobedience will not be tolerated. He is met by Zohm and Xiux, eagerly awaiting them, hungry for a challenge.” The stage has been set All pieces in place Their end is our beginning

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